Monday, September 30, 2013

On the way down from Virginia to Florida I made a slight detour in Asheville.  Got in late and Tracy picked me up.  Well, first she drove right past me while I was on the side walk probably because I looked like a homeless person but she turned around.  I had to leave the next day so not much time but was much needed.  Sat on the porch most the morning drinking coffee and talking, Tracy sketching, a light nap in the afternoon and a 1 pm breakfast.  I want all days to start like that; with her smile and her cooking.  I went and saw fat boy Wells before Tracy dropped me back off at the airport.  It was not easy to start that helicopter again.  Flying out I made a few quick orbits around Dads house while Glenda waved a dish towel in the air.  If you are ever in trouble and you are with Glenda give her the flares, she is strangely good at waving things around in a distressed manner.
Flying in I got the sunset over the blue ridge and it was amazing, leaving I got to watch as the earth got flatter and the mountains slowly disappeared in the distance.  A bitter sweet 19 hours.  
Got greeted in Florida by Grumpy Magoo around sunset.  God he always knows just what to say! what a gem that one is!

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