Monday, September 30, 2013

On the way down from Virginia to Florida I made a slight detour in Asheville.  Got in late and Tracy picked me up.  Well, first she drove right past me while I was on the side walk probably because I looked like a homeless person but she turned around.  I had to leave the next day so not much time but was much needed.  Sat on the porch most the morning drinking coffee and talking, Tracy sketching, a light nap in the afternoon and a 1 pm breakfast.  I want all days to start like that; with her smile and her cooking.  I went and saw fat boy Wells before Tracy dropped me back off at the airport.  It was not easy to start that helicopter again.  Flying out I made a few quick orbits around Dads house while Glenda waved a dish towel in the air.  If you are ever in trouble and you are with Glenda give her the flares, she is strangely good at waving things around in a distressed manner.
Flying in I got the sunset over the blue ridge and it was amazing, leaving I got to watch as the earth got flatter and the mountains slowly disappeared in the distance.  A bitter sweet 19 hours.  
Got greeted in Florida by Grumpy Magoo around sunset.  God he always knows just what to say! what a gem that one is!

Well in Jacksonville, Florida now grinding away 350 feet up, 40 knots, 7 hours a day till the middle of November...  God this job is dragging.  
I got to go to Gettysburg and stand in a field where over 130,000 men lost their lives.  Thousands of monuments scattered and looming across fields where different regiments fought and died.  No particular order, no particular reason but to remind you of the unfortunate, despondent event that took place.  And without sounding naive I cannot understand why these things happen and why people seem to think it is just human nature.  Such a sad excuse.
But fear not, when those gloomy sad face feelings start to creep up you can go into town and grab a Jamba Juice, drown that ugly feeling away and turn that frown upside down!  Maybe some Mini golf and some outlet shopping will do the trick?!?!  America... Fuck yea.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Close to 5 months in and I am back where it all started Carlisle, PA, the place where I had the interview.  Weather is pretty bad today and windy tomorrow so I might see Gettysburg.  Maybe I will wear a Hawaiian shirt and a fanny pack and really get into the role.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

100 hour maintenance done tomorrow and on my way to New Jersey then Pennsylvania then the south or the north west... What I'm saying is I have no idea. over 800 in total time and going up everyday, should have over 1000 PIC by November and who knows where to after. Hell of a trip!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Michael had a birthday yesterday and I bought him some Jim Beam.  He insisted on photos so here he is in all his glory and a face to the myth. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

broke my ukulele with the trunk door today.  It feels like I lost a friend.  I think I can fix it so it at least plays but still very down about the whole situation.  Sorry poor girl I miss ya already.