Saturday, August 31, 2013

In Easton, MD getting back into the routine.  Micheal is still a fucktard, such a surprise.  Weather has been back and forth and had a leaky tail rotor gear box but other then that things have been protocol as usual.  I'm still not sure if we are going west but they keep talking about it. I hope so, the flatness of this area is draining.  Might be able to surf Delaware just need a little bad weather mixed with a swell.  Oh, and saw some wild horses on Assateague Island which was incredible, if I can I will try and surf there. Got grounded by winds after 4 hours of flying today and came back to a Indiana Jones marathon on TBS... He chose poorly.  I think not black and white Knight Templar, I think not.  
Pictures of a sunrise over the Chesapeake and a sunset the next day.


  1. Casey, I do believe you get to observe the world from perhaps the most beautiful of perspectives! We are cuddling Wells on your behalf as often as possible~

  2. It is a unique perspective and it constantly puts a smile on my face and always seems to know when to surprise me. Thanks for the cuddles and looking forward to being around again.