Friday, July 19, 2013

As predicted winds picked up to 25 knots in the first fuel run so we had to cancel the day.  So I decided to mark something off the bucket list, surfing a Great Lake.  Went to Third Coast Surf shop in South Benton, MI to get a board but they were all out.  But fear not because surfers take care of each other and Cam a 21 year old kid drove me to his bands practice area where they stored their toys and let me borrow a 6'8" old lady board called the RED SCARE (you will get it when you scroll down to the photo)!  I'm not going to lie it wasn't the best surf session, not even close but I did catch a handful of short lefts to make it a day.  Damn board was like turning a school bus!  
Not matter how nasty and unreasonable things get you can always find some good in a day, place, person, event, blade of grass, eccentric cloud formation, breeze, etc...  I seem to forget that from time to time but it happens less and less with days like this.  Thanks Cam.  FOR THE MOTHERLAND COMRADE!!!

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