Sunday, July 7, 2013


5.8 today.  We had to wait out some strong winds this morning and a storm cell passing south of the airport.  The winds calmed down so we ran up and took off only to run into stronger winds 30 miles south.  So, in good fashion I put the bird down on a dead end next to an orchard.  20 minutes into waiting for the winds to die the farmer pulled up.  Ted was 65 and didn't realize that the end of his road was a heliport, he seemed to enjoy the surprise. 
Ted showed me around his pecan orchard (i thought they were apples) which was 5 years old and needed another 5 to mature and produce.  I asked him if he was planning on selling the orchard once they matured and his answer was amazing.  
"maybe, could make good money but I still enjoy digging in the dirt."  I think Ted has things figured out.


  1. another great story from "the whirling nomad" - great insight in your last statement!

  2. Nice. Did you take your custom sack a fill it to the brim with pecans?!...Not quite almonds BUT...close.

  3. I still haven't gone through all the almonds big time gave me! Those things are packed with energy you don't want to over due it, trust me.