Friday, June 28, 2013

Made it to Lincoln, Nebraska late afternoon yesterday after battling through horrendous storms for the last two days.
 3.2 today before the winds started howling.  I got to stop off in Illinois and Iowa for a short spell.  I wasn't expecting much coming to the mid west but I have been very surprised by the beauty of this part of the country.  Mostly flat with meandering rivers cutting through black soil and miles of corn gridded off in perfect squares.  And the people are the most friendly yet (better then Massachusetts of course... you're welcome Glenda!), just kind good old folks from the heartland who love baseball, miller lite and corn. And big! I mean big folks and not on the fat side just BIG! There is some truth in being a corn fed son of a @#$&#.  I love being surprised like this.  
Counting the days till I get to meet Wells Christopher Allen.

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