Friday, June 21, 2013

8.2 yesterday and ended up in Greenwood Lake, New York right before 7 pm.  Got greeted by a the owner of the FBO, Tim with the typical New Jersey/New York (still not sure which state the airport was in) accent and attitude.  He was a live wire and was loving the fact I had no idea where I was, where I was staying and how I was getting to said place.  After about 30 minutes of picking through taxi companies that wouldn't come get me I gave up and said I was just going to walk.  "what are you nuts, you ain't walking... Dammit get in the truck I'm already in trouble with the lady anyway." So despite the barrage of shit,Tim gave me a ride to the Sea Breeze Inn right on the lake with a bar on the water.  Not a bad way to end a day like that. I left him $10 dollars under the door this morning at 5:30 am for the ride.
3.0 today and I am in Altoona, PA waiting on the 100 hour maintenance to be done. Maybe leave tomorrow maybe Monday but all i know is I don't have the photographer around and I am going to get some much needed sleep.

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